2-6 players Sadovaya 11

Open the door to Wonderland, where time and space will play with your head. Mad Tea Party, punishment, and chess. Find out who has stopped time, start it up again, and help the other characters in the room. Don't let the time-space distortions get into our world!

Animated paintings

2-6 players Sadovaya st. 11

In this quest, players find themselves within the works of great artists. Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself in a world imagined by Salvador Dali? Maybe hear the thoughts of Van Gogh? Or clamber on to the Black Square of Malevich? In this game you see inside the art and help a young boy, trapped in an art gallery, find the artist within.

To live

1-2 players Nevskiy 61

In this realistic quest, you’re not escaping from a room. This time, you’re searching for clues and hidden objects in the confined space of a black, leather-upholstered coffin. A transpersonal psychologist, wanted by special services, is holding thanatotherapy séances. In more simple words, he buries people for psychotherapeutic reasons, and you’ve come to one of his séances. This game can be played alone or with a partner.

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