What is LostRoom?


We are the next step in the evolution of ‘escape the room’ games! Our players do much more than just escape. In our rooms, you dive into a world filled with breathtaking decorations, trying to achieve different goals in 60 minutes by solving challenging puzzles and finding hidden objects. For example, creating a vaccine against the plague, or trying to take back stolen time.



Who are these games for?


Our quests are for you if you want to:

 1. Test your intelligence with your friends;
 2. Strengthen your relationship with your loved one in an atypical way;
 3. Train your teamwork skills with your co-workers;
 4. Spend time with your family in a one of a kind environment.



About us

Киберпанк Школа волшебников Назад в 90-е

Our company has been creating room escape games since 2013. We were one of the first companies in the world to start this endeavor. We have the best specialists and designers in the game, who allow us to constantly improve on old quests and create new ones.
We currently offer 10 quests in Saint Petersburg, and are in the process of creating 9 more across Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona) and 4 in the US (New York)… and we’re just getting started!

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